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Original Diamond***

Original Diamond***
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Original Diamond***
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  • Model: S-OR-D-105-1-SPECIAL ***
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S-Series Original range Diamond Liner Tube in surgical grade 316 Stainless Steel, one of the founding Good Luck Iron products. The 'V' form supports the needle giving greater stability for line and detail work, with an angle cut tip for better needle sighting. 

Special/last change tubes may have our original etching. This means the mask may appear different due to the logo being acid etched instead of laser etched. This does not effect the use of the tube

Product Information:

  • Original, unique handcrafted Good Luck Iron branded design
  • Long-life surgical grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Autoclave compatible
  • Needle group size etched on liner tubes
  • Custom laser etching available
  • Length 105mm +/- 0.50mm 

         First  series so wall thickness at tip might be slightly thicker.

Available Needle Group Sizes


Needle group sizes are a guide, based on standard needle groupings (12 sharps, 0.35mm). Our liner tubes can accommodate alternative needle groups, based on on artist's personal preference.

Customise this Product

Personalise your hardware with our custom laser etching. Add your initials or shop logo.

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